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Adventure Travel And Trekking Explained

The term "Adventure Travel" conjures up images of people abseiling down sheer cliff faces into treacherous ravines or others of people trekking through steamy jungles under the watchful eyes of wild, carnivorous animals. Maybe, the thought of someone free falling from an airplane, only to open a parachute at the very last minute, springs to mind.

Trek Couple

Well, this type of activity, while being ardently pursued by a certain section of travellers, need not necessarily be a part of a personal Travel Adventure. Travelling to an unknown destination, a place that one has not previously visited, or a destination that is surrounded by an aura of mystery and intrigue, would also have to be classified as Adventure Travel.

An Adventure Travel   vacation does not have to be dangerous, physically demanding or life threatening. On the contrary, a visit to an opera house or a cathedral in a big city is an Adventure for a provincial dweller or a student of the arts. Taking a ride on the Manly ferry is an Adventure for a person visiting Sydney, as is a boat ride down the Cagayan river for a visitor to Luzon.

TMost people would agree that any vacations that include activities such as: mountain trekking, riding river rapids in a kayak or catching wild animals on film are dangerous, albeit exciting, and would be classified as Adventure Travel. However, a scenic plane ride over Alaska or a boat cruise through the Panama Canal are also extremely exciting and adventurous endeavors.

Imagine being in a position to be able to film the snow covered landscape of Alaska from above or to capture images of the wonders of the Panama Canal from the deck of a cruise liner.

That is Adventure Travel.

Adventure Travel could be a trip to another continent or to an island in the Bahamas, then again it could also be, touring your local area on the back of a motor cycle or walking through a strange part of town.

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